So hey, welcome to, my little corner of the web. Just got it. You like?

I suppose I'd better explain how this is going to work. I did a regular webcomic for about three years, and I stopped that and started this. This isn't quite a webcomic. It's more like a 'blog, only it's actually worth reading.

Everything's going to be split up into different sets, each set with a little red icon, like this:

Eye Candy Random Thoughts Personal Info
Eye Candy Random Thoughts Personal Info

You're in "Info" right now, obviously. Here's where I tell you about the webpage and make general announcements and stuff.

In addition to these sections, I'll also have various stories all running simultaneously. Some will be short and sweet, others will be not-so-short and/or not-so-sweet. I'm not going to stick to any kind of schedule. I stuck to a schedule for three years and I didn't like it.

If you like a particular story or you want to see something special in the Eye Candy or Random section, feel free to bribe me. With money. I'll make sure to give you your money's worth, unless your suggestion is stupid or obscene. In that case, I reserve the right to take your money and give you nothing.

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