i like chineseChinese comic strip

I found a single page of a chinese newspaper on my way home from school yesterday. In it was this comic strip. I can't read it. Can you?

Chinese comic strip

[UPDATE]Okay, I've gotten a few opinions, and, near as I can figure, the strip goes something like this: The title is tough to translate, something about a bad haircut and a tail, it's a play on a colloquial phrase about starting well but finishing poorly. In the first panel, our protagonist explains that he is opening a general store, and he asks the professional calligrapher to make a sign for him. The second panel is just the calligrapher saying something like "a general store, eh?". And, in the final panel, the sign says "Low Class Market Place", which is a pun on the common term for a larger store, rather like calling it a "not-so-supermarket". Oh, the hilarity!

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